David Fleming
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Feeding The Mouths

October 22, 2022

We can't help ourselves,

Feeding the mouths

Of the fox or the wolf

Or the other beasts

We allow in through

Our screened-doors.

The maws open wider,

Teeth shining brighter,

As the fuel guzzles in,

And the fume billows out

While the fools settle back

Into our comforting pose.

No one watches in horror

As the mouths regurgitate,

Spit back onto our waiting plates

The semblance of sustenance

In our acceptance of our

Cognitive consonance.

"Here I come to save the day.

That means that mighty mouth is on the way."

But that doesn't mean

You and I shouldn't pay

To feed mighty mouth 24 hours a day:

It has your soul, throw a few dollars its way.

It's a New Day, Fox and Friends await

Along with your cup of Morning Joe.

Mouths need fed, blood needs shed,

So that your anger can be misled.

It's the cycle of modern life

Ridden by the clowns in the show.