David Fleming
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Fears Facing South

March 2, 2018

I was reminded today that the worst fears exist only in our minds.

That shadows on the wall matter only for anyone too frightened to turn around and face the truth.

That the pitchforks we think are being brandished are torches lighting someone's way.

That what we think will be said is almost never that which is declared.

That what we are afraid will occur is our worst fear of what damage we might incur.

That the toxic spill is nothing more than an un-analyzed solution.

That the fear of losing what we love is more powerful than the hope of what we may attain.

That assumptions lead to defensive reactions leading to more assumptions.

That the bogeyman is easily constructed from perceptions of bogus-man.

That my enemy is only my enemy if he won't speak to me directly.

That the common ground is still the ground that shakes beneath our feet.

That the petri dish for anxiety only comes from sterile environments.

I think I faced many of my fears today.

I only hope the monsters in my mind did too.