David Fleming
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Capitol Capital

January 6, 2020

An "A" or an "O?"

Why the fuck should I have to know?

I'd put an umlaut over either one

If it punctuated the blunt tweet

My messiah delivered to me.

City or building or that which is owed:

I really don't know why I need to know.

The truth is not so hard to discern

When it comes so repeatedly

Delivered by the devil to me.

Capitalize, capitol-wise?

It's all a bunch of lies.

What has been stolen may be not

Anything to do with the final score

For the Common-in-Chief I adore.

In my privilege, it is not a capitol crime,

Not anything that will serve me time.

Call me Kyle, Call me Johnny Reb,

Just call me a hero, a patriot,

As I ride my ceremonial chariot.

The sad truth is that the Capitalists,

The capitated head of states

At the Capitol, allowed this to capitulate

In a mad-cap attempt to line up

As the organ grinder's Capuchin.


In case you need it: