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Bullet-in Boards

December 12, 2023

Bullet-in Boards

There can be no more subtlety,

Just ask those at UNLV,

Gun metaphors die like targets

As the danger is upon us.

Congress pleads for safe quadrangles,

Their Bulletin Board God angles

On Ivy-Tower monoliths,

"It's a looming apocalypse."

DEI efforts are denied,

Such civil discourses decried:

Sanctioned hate-filled vitriol

(don't even mention Israel).

Let's roll out the paper quarries,

Along with the contrived stories.


In their furious fuselage,

Notice how they manage to dodge,

What they gladly choose to conceal,

Blood pacts for a devil's done deal.

We manage our institutions,

Positioned for execution,

Risks beyond offensive chatter

In a place where thoughts do matter,

Places where daily agendas,

Don't encourage referenda.

Fifty thousand gets requested,

For vendors to be invested,

Zero Eyes suddenly appears:

Learning, I swear, we once did here.


In a rare non-partisan style

Our dead populate center aisle,

The victims of their crooked aim,

Supporters only in thy name.

What determines free is not found

In halls where ideas abound

To strike a blow to ignorance

Sown in financial interests.

When will they make the concession

Threats don't come from callow freshmen

But deluded and denuded men

Formed by broken generations,

Well-armed in their aggression.