David Fleming
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July 3, 2021

He's a breathtaker,

Picture of virile man,

Outstanding in his field,

Tight grip on public fascination

And sexual frustration.

The way he may or may not tack

Can leave a girl's head

Spinning faster and faster.

"He's a breathtaker,"

The ladies text and post,

"I feel woozy and out of control,

Like I have always been told

Should happen when the man

Of my dreams holds me

In his penetrating way,

Whispering nothing sweet in my ears."

He's a breathtaker,

As the curtains close

And the spotlight is turned off.

As The Crystals play on the stereo,

Fantasies crush the frontal lobe,

The predator competitor emerges

To his fan base expecting a closer,

But nowhere near to help her.