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A Vent-i Please: A Poem

January 25, 2012: A Vent-i Please:  A Poem

I hate to go almost two weeks between blogs, but sometimes the creativity is simply crushed.  So, for all the irritations and annoyances that steal my imagination away, I dedicate this poem.  You people know who you are. 



Open up some airways:

I need to vent.

Lay out the ductwork:

I need some space to vent.


I'll push the hot air through,

Try staying frosty cool, too,

Channel these bursts

And smoke up the room.


Disperse my breath all around,

Not dwelling on any one,

Framing my reaction

Into controlled sound.


Don't shut down my damper

With the thought of conservation.

The more the hot air gets ramped up,

The more damage to the structure.


Open up them airways:

Allow me to vent.

Give me the shaft

That releases what I resent.