David Fleming
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A Coronavirus Carol (In This Time Of Hope)

December 17, 2020

This one seems imperfect, the mashing together of too many things.  But, then I think: It's 2020. How appropriate.


In this time of hope,

Imagine if I used this space

To convey the consuming days

COVID has mutated in painful ways:

A 2020 version 

Of Grandma crushed by a reindeer

As captured on jerky video,

In meetings well-intentioned

But most often muffled,

Muddled, with downright befuddled

Partial participation.

In the end, we can claim

Things accomplished or ordained,

But me, well, I believe

Minutes reveal a drain.


But, luckily, dear reader,

I care for you too much,

In this time of hope

And season of love.

Have neither wont nor desire

To capture or record

The frustrations that arise

When meetings go awry.

What good comes from

The subjugation of you 

To the airing of grievances

Likely no less in your experience?

I close the door, pull the blinds,

Leave these monsters behind,

As I settle my brain 

For a long holiday's nap.


In this time of hope,

Christmas comes; Cameras go dark.

Virus looms whenever anyone

Bears gifts or good cheer.

Constants remain as vaccines deploy

Upon midnights clear,

Wards decked with holly and ivy

Finally finding relief.

'Tis the season to come together

As safely as we can;

An unfortunate direction in a year

When we couldn't go anywhere.

Deck the halls with good will.

Let the home fires burn.

No cliché can capture

How silent our nights have become.


I truly believe in hope

In this time of the grinch,

The steal, and the endless

Sermon from those upon the mount.

Let a child be born

Protected from the canker

That slowly chips away at our

Brains, hearts, and souls.

Bring us peace,

Bring us love,

Bring us the joy

Of a child's giggle Christmas morn.

In this time of hope,

It might appear that

We don't have a prayer,

But don't be deceived.