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Key Spring 2017 Events

Key Spring 2017 Events

(Please share with students and encourage support from students as much as you can)

January 5 – New Spring Student Orientation – Theater in Lyons, 11:00 – 1:00 (Dave Fleming, contact)

January 8 – Spring Reading Program begins, Library (Jen Senger, contact)

January 15 – “Detroit,” Film and conversation – SAC Theater, 5:30 – 6:00 pizza and pre-conversation; 6-9 film and discussion (Dave Fleming, contact)

February 7 -- The Spaniels, Doo-Wop Singing Group -- Theater in Lyons, 3:00 (Dave Fleming, contact).  Part of Academic Speaker Series.  The Spaniels to sing and talk about their experiences as part of Black History Month.

February 13 – No Hate Campaign, collaboration between the LGBTQ+ club and the Student Activity Center.  (Jennifer Zimmer, contact)

February 14 – Art Gallery Reception:  Jessika Clement: The Generous Deceit of Elusive Darkness; Art Gallery 12:30 -1:15 (Mark Dombrosky, contact).  Exhibit open from February 5 to March 1.

February 21 – Major Fair—Upper Commons, Briegel 11:00 -1:00 (Katie Hannah, contact).  Event is focusing on converting undecided students into decided students. More information to come closer to the event.

Week of February 26 – Celebration of Diversity (sponsored by Diversity Committee).  Specifics still to be determined (Dave Fleming, contact)

March 1-4 – The Secret Garden performance – Theater in Lyons (Marcus Roll or Jon Korzun, contact)

March 8 – Panel on Aging, Time and place pending (Dave Fleming, contact).  Part of the Academic Speaker Series: Panel of SMC faculty and potentially outside experts talking about topics related to aging.

March 14 – Internship Fair, MCC West 10-2 (Jennifer Page, contact)

March 15 – CHEM Lab: Part exhibition, part experiment, a collaboration between Dr. Doug Schauer and Marc Dombrosky exploring gallery as laboratory; Art Gallery 12:30-1:15 (Marc Dombrosky, contact). Exhibit open from March 5 to April 5.

March 16 – Jazz at the Beckwith Theater.  SMC Jazz Ensemble and Select Voices participate in Fundraiser for Beckwith Theater (Jon Korzun, contact)

March 23 – Spring Band Concert, Theater in Lyons 7:30 (Jon Korzun, contact)

April 17 – No-Ted Talks, Theater in Lyons (Mark Pelfrey and Gary Franchy contacts).  Honors students present their research. Part of the Academic Speaker Series.

April 19 – Outstanding Graduate Reception, Theater in Lyons 6:00-8:00 (Dave Fleming, contact)

April 20 – Spring Choral Concert, Theater in Lyons 7:30 (Dave Carew, contact)

April 25 – Student Art Closing Reception, Art Gallery 12:30-1:15 (Marc Dombrosky, contact).  Exhibit open from April 16 – April 25.

April 27 – Collage Concert, Theater in Lyons 7:30 (Dave Carew or Jon Korzun, contact)

May 1 and May 2 – Sophomore Scholarship Exhibition, Art Gallery.  No reception.  (Marc Dombrosky, contact)

May 6 – Commencement, SAC, 11:00 (Dave Fleming, contact)