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January 12, 2011:  Gratitude

I added a new page to the website today, "People Who Get It," which is where I will permanently place links to the other people and institutions who share in the underlying philosophy of the book and the website, whether it be the rich mines of satire prevalent with academia, the creativity needed to reform higher education, or sometimes both.

There are only a couple of links there right now, but they mean all the world to me already, as they represent true connections from people I had never met before starting this website (and have, yet, to meet face to face).  That page represents a kind of mutual admiration society that actually has had nothing to do with the book.  The responses have come simply from sincere statements of gratitude from people for my mention of them (their institution) in the blog.  And when I get those messages, I'm the one who feels the need to bow down and thank them.  While blogging may seem like the worst kind of self-aggrandizing, the joy of the writing comes from knowing one has connected and moved a reader, perhaps more than one.

This joy has nothing to do with sales, bottom lines, or political posturing.  It's the basic joy of mutual respect.